February 4, 2008

So last night was transfers and when the call came in we found out that this will be Transfer #4 for Elder Oakford in Frankford!

I am very happy and excited to hear this. I will still be with Elder Atkinson too.  This is going to be really cool being able to spend at least a quarter of my mission in this area. I have come to love everything about it. The ward is doing wonderful. All the recent converts are staying strong!

We are really excited about the potential that this next transfer holds for our area. It was an unfortunate end to last transfer because of all the people that we had traveling everywhere. But if we can tie them down and we get them to stick around this next month, we are going to see some explosive numbers.

Talking about numbers. Here are my statistics to date-
Baptisms 4
Confirmations 4
Investigators with a date 66
@ Sacrament meeting 48
Member present lessons 63
Other Lessons 332
Progressing Investigators 63
Contacted Referrals 46
New Investigators 178
Recent Convert or Less Active Lessons 65
Contacts (invitations to learn) 3720

That is every week added up so far. Here are some percentages that I look at to see where we need work or how effective we are being.

Contacts to Other Lessons – 11
Other Lessons to New Investigators – 1.8
Contacts to New Investigators – 20
New Investigators to Progressing Investigators – 2.8
Other Lessons to Member Presents – 5
Contacts to All Lessons – 8

So thats how we are looking as of now. We’re doing good but still have a lot to improve on!

Thank you for your letters. I really appreciate getting mail, it’s a lot easier to write back to also.

Yes Mom and Dad, I will send you pictures very soon. I have taken about 300 since the last batch was sent home so I am going today to print off the ones I need and then send the card home to you soon. I think you will enjoy a lot of them!

I was pretty scared last night before the calls came in. Here’s how it goes nowadays. On Sunday night after all of your weekly and transfer numbers are reported, the Zone leaders get a fax with all the information on it, then they relay it on to district leaders and so on. So the calls can come in early around 945pm all the way to 1230am. At least thats how it used to go. Last night they tried something new which actually worked really well. At about 945pm, we got two text messages that told us all of our information. It was pretty sweet– it took out all the middle men so we knew a lot earlier if we needed to start packing.

That is also how we get referrals from Salt Lake City or the Mission office. If the person lives inside our area, we get a text message with all of there information and what they want and the best time to contact them… the whole shebang! It’s really cool. A lot better than the faxes we used to get that we could never read.  Now, we can be at the person’s door about 20 minutes after they call for the DVD or missionaries or Book of Mormon. It has been really successful so far.

I’m glad I hopefully get to see all the work that we have put in to this area play out within this next transfer. I’m excited for all the people we still have as potentials to be baptized in the coming weeks.

Tell everyone I love them and miss them but I’m enjoying working my tail off here.
I’ve also heard that the weird weather we are having here is making California look cold?
I think I’ve got the same thing Grandma Oakford has, the good weather just follows me wherever I go?…

I love you

Elder Michael Oakford


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