January 7, 2008

Hola Familia!

I am happy to say that today is the first day I can say that it is warmer HERE that it is at your house! Neener Neener Neener! It’s a beautiful day. We really don’t know what happened. We started off the week tracting all day in 19 degrees and a brisk wind and it slowly died off to beautiful. I was able to break in my thermals though and they definitely did the job. Both sets you sent out were too big but they will do I think. I am drowning in them but I really don’t care because when it comes to insulation thats all I need. I was able to tie them at the waist so they would stay up. They were larges so if you can find any smaller just let me know but I think for now I will be fine! My boots have been treating me good. I don’t have any thermal socks that I could find so on the really cold days I double up and it works out. Not being able to feel my feet is just as good as them staying warm…

We are really excited for the end of this transfer with some very wonderful people that are very prepared for baptism.

The one that we are really excited about is coming up this week on Elder Atkinsons birthday! Her name is Shernise. She is so cool. She is 21 and a mother of 3. Her kids are Tim(almost 7) Quameer (about 3-4) and Ahzia (5 months). She lives with a couple other family members who are preparing themselves but are coming along a little slower than she is and she can’t wait to be a member! Tonight we are taking a small white sister in the ward who is from Idaho and has a baby boy who is 5 months. I am really excited to see how this goes because I don’t think this sister has ever seen Ghetto before. No, we are not doing it as a joke but sometimes I do like to play around with Member Presents! We get a good laugh out of some of the people we take teaching who have never been in homes like these and have never seen it but it’s only 30 minutes from where they now live! My area is really funny. There is a big street called Roosevelt Blvd. It’s the most dangerous street traffic-wise in the nation, so they say. But we have three areas that filter into this ward. Mine starts at the Blvd. and goes to the River then from a street called Cheltenham on the East to Castor and some other street I can’t remember. It’s funny my area is the only real area to have African American people in it. If you live outside of those streets, you are White and Catholic.  So that’s my area.

This week, we are very excited to have Zone Conference at the Chapel on Broad and Wyoming. It will be very nice. I am singing Abide with Me in a quartet. We haven’t had much time to practice since all the people they asked were in different areas in the Zone but we got together once and it sounded really awesome.

I am also giving a talk in church this Sunday on the Prophet Joseph Smith! I was asked yesterday in church by the Bishop. This is a great opportunity for us as missionaries because we have just regained a great trust with this ward that hasn’t been there for some while now. I am excited but also stressed out by the lack of material that I have to use since we don’t use Internet. I have recently fell in love with the book Jesus the Christ! I have been reading it a bunch everyday and I can use that as a resource I guess. The other talks surrounding me are on the Apostasy and the church after the life of Joseph Smith.
I really wish I had that movie that they just made a couple years ago that they show at the visitor centers. There is a lot of power in that movie and the spirit is always there. I miss it!

Ok, I’m out of time and need to go. Please tell everyone in the family that I love them and thank you for their cards and notes  and packages. I loved them. My thank you cards are addressed and I am finishing them all up hopefully this week. We only have about an hour a week to sit down and write and it gets packed when I have so much to do. Which is a really good thing. We are very blessed.

I love you.

Elder Michael Oakford


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