Happy New Year!

I loved to hear from you all on Christmas day! I was so happy to be able to call and talk to you all. I can’t believe Austen got Two Hours to talk on the phone. humm… Our rules limited us to only 30 minutes.  I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you long but I was happy for anything.

Christmas was great. I wasn’t going to tell mom but I think I ate the most interesting Christmas dinner I have ever had and I hope I will ever have. It wasn’t bad at all but Cow’s Stomach is not my traditional Christmas dinner?! How about you? ha ha All day we were running around and helping people and then we finally got to relax and teach a lesson.

I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Utah. We were very jealous of your White Christmas. But we had a good time.  I have been really slacking on writing people thank you cards. Its kind of hard when I am only allowed to communicate through letters on Mondays and our Mondays are usually packed with things to do. I have set apart some time today to write the important ones but I hope nothing comes up. I wish they just would have let us do it on Christmas when we had time but they said to be obedient and follow the White Handbook. You should see if you could get yourself one of those too. read through it.

I just finished a goal I set for myself when I got out here to read the Book of Mormon and New Testament straight through again before the New Year.
I DID IT! WAHOO! I was pushing really hard but it paid off. And guess what– after reading it again as a missionary… Its Still True!

I love you.



One Response to Happy New Year!

  1. Debi Lassen says:

    I enjoyed reading this letter, also. I miss Mike and his cheerful, enthusiasm for life and for the gospel.

    Thank you Bishop and Wendy for your kind regards concerning our losses during the holidays. I have a card I want to send you but Mette doesn’t remember your home address and I couldn’t find your envelope from the card you sent. Can you send me your address?

    I just returned from Arizona again…drove over to be with my siblings to make more decisions on my parents home and belongings. We enjoyed attending a session at the Mesa Temple yesterday morning where my parents were married many years ago.
    You are so right about the timing of all of this. But we see the tender mercies from the Lord which allowed us to attend both funerals during the holidays without having to try to go home and come back….most of the extended family couldn’t have made it….as it was, so many were at both.

    Steffen is doing GREAT! His letters are very happy and he’s excited. He leaves for his mission this Wednesday.
    I’ll be trying to keep up his blog. He sends me comments to publish and I’ll get more pictures from him later when he gets to the mission field.

    Thank you again for writing back and for keep up Mike’s blog.
    Love to you and your family,
    Debi and John and family

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