Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

How is everything going?
Elder Atkinson and Ican’t believe how cold it is in Utah right now. He is from Riverton and didn’t think it got that cold. We are having a heat wave here all the sudden. We checked yesterday after church and it said it was 59 degrees!! That’s a lot better than 30 but we’d like it to drop because it rains so much. We’d just rather have snow.

Today it’s a lot cooler and windy and I have a slight cold that I think that I got from this family that we are teaching but I’m doing fine. Nothing is holding me back now. We have found 4 or 5 really awesome families the past week. It was amazing. Two of them have fathers and three have cars. That is a huge answer to our prayers. The other areas that filter into our ward have it easy because all the people they meet have cars. Good luck trying to find anyone with a car or anyone who wil drive down into my area to pick them up. It’s kind of lame but we deal with it. SEPTA, the bus system, runs pretty good through our area but it is really high priced. It’s like $4 to get to church and back per person! Most people don’t have any money or food or toys for Christmas so that has been my main focus this past week. It has been really emotional and very sweet helping families who have absolutely nothing get food and presents! I LOVE being Santa Claus! It’s hard not to walk out of the house with a dry eye.

When we first got into the area we tracted into this lady named Sabrina late at night. When we knocked on the door she was crying and told us to come in when I told her I was from the church and came to help her. She sat us down and told us that she has 8 kids, the oldest was 17 and she was pregnant with a baby boy on the way, her husbund had just died that morning so she was now all alone and had no clue what to do. We taught her plan on salvation right on the spot and continued to come back and see her. Her family is dirt poor. She could never leave the house because she was SOOO pregnant. We continued to stop by every once in awhile and would teach her and help her around the house even though she could never make it out to church. When Christmas time rolled around we knew we had to do something. I went and talked to her a couple weeks ago and found out the names and ages of all the kids. A week ago she was walking down the street to go to the WIC office because they made her come in and she tripped on a pothole and fell on her stomach. She went right to the hospital and the news they gave her was everything but reassuring. They thought the baby had died…. But couldn’t tell by the pictures. They sent her home and as soon as she got home she called us to come and pray for her. We ran right over and then two days later she had a C-Section and the baby was born perfectly fine! We went to work after that. It’s taken us two weeks but we just finished scraping up toys and presents and food for all her kids and her brand new baby to be pampered for a little while. We bought her a tree and some lights and when some of the people we were teaching saw us running down the street they stopped us, asked us what we were up to and wanted to know how they could help. So now her neighbors and people who we are teaching are all chipping in to help this wonderful family.
I loved walking into her house and setting up the tree and lights and putting all the presents under the tree and setting up the Crib and Bikes and things that were bought for her by people that don’t even know her!


Christmas is the best time to be a missionary! I love serving EVERYONE!

I love you, talk to you tomorrow,



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