12/17/07 News from Mike


How’s home doing?

I am loving the crazy life here in Philly. Everything is going great. The new transfer starts today and I am staying in the same spot but with a new companion who is a great guy. His name is Elder Jordan Atkinson and he is from Riverton, UT.He was just in the area next to mine but he is coming in to my area and now he’s the district leader. So that will be a first and a challenge for both of us. My area is getting ready to explode–he was so happy to be transfered in. I love him. He thinks he knows Cheryl because he worked in the Library at the school she did. I don’t know that’s just what he told me. We are so excited for the Christmastime. Everything is beautiful but freezing cold. I’m handling it OK though. We get a car now since he is the District Leader. You’ve gotta love that. But I don’t think we’ll use it much. My area is pretty tiny.

Yes I heard that I was in some of the pictures from the Zone Meeting. And yes I’ve lost about 20 or 25 pounds since I’ve been out here. I like it but at the same time I look pretty goofy because my clothes hang off me. No worries though because it keeps me warm.

Thank you for all the presents. I got them this week. I’ll take tons of pictures for you.

I love you. Mike

To Stacy–

I just found a family that is so set and ready for baptism. They called us their angels sent from God. One problem though… I’ve got to get the parents married! That seems like my calling. Some of the other missionaries think I’m nuts because all the people I find are either struggling and facing death or murder situations OR I have to get them married! So I am the marriage missionary. They are willing though so that was the cool thing. We’ll see what happens with them in the next little bit.


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