December 3, 2007

Hey there family!

It snowed Sunday. That was exciting.  First snow of the winter.

I also got the thermals RIGHT IN TIME. If I didn’t have them, I would have froze. It was 21 degrees all day on Sunday. Which kinda sucked cause some investigators won’t come out if it’s too cold. Grrrr. Don’t you understand this is your salvation we are talking about here! COME ON–GET YOUR BUTT TO CHURCH!

Dad asked about and average time in an area. It seems that the average time you are left in one particular area is two transfers. There are exceptions and I definitely could be one of them in this situation. They don’t like to leave you with your trainer for more than two transfers at a time. So there is a good chance that either Elder Wolsey or I will be out of here in two weeks. Then I would stick around for another one or two transfers.
Thank you for everything in your package. I am way excited for Christmas. I LOVED the broadcast. I was glad that we were able to go. I think that President Eyring’s talk was my favorite.

Alright I have to run.

Love you.

Elder Michael Oakford


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