November 26, 2007

Hey there,

Thanksgiving was pretty good here in Philadelphia. It was a nice day—it even got up into the 60s. For dinner we went to the church and ate with everyone there. They had a big shindig so we were up there from about 3pm to 5pm or so. The work here in my area is doing fantastic. I sent you some pictures from the baptisms just a couple days ago so you should be getting them soon. It sounds like you are all having fun. This transfer is a five week transfer instead of six weeks because of when they are sending the missionaries home for Christmas. That’s OK though. The only problem with that is I won’t know where I’ll be for Christmas until the Monday before! Oh well thats just how it will go sometimes I guess. Zone conference is on Friday so I can pick up packages then and then Zone Meeting is on 11DEC. So I will be able to pick up all the extras then. I’ve been staying safe. Our area is pretty tough and I love it! I’ve got some stories but you can’t hear them until I come home. Maybe I will send them to Stacy or Julie and they can give you the jist of them. I love it though. I would be very sad to have to leave. I love you. I’ll try to sit down and write later.



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