November 19, 2007

19 Nov 2007

This last week has been a crazy one! We finished off last transfer with the baptism of Michelle Clowney on 11Nov! It was very exciting. She was able to be confirmed in church Yesterday! I did the baptism and then elder wolsey did the confirmation. The we kicked this Transfer (six week period of time) off with a HUGE BANG! With the Marriage and baptisms of Ryan and Michelle Beavers! We are the 12 and 13th missionaries to work with them and this time they just must have been ready. We have seen a huge turn around in there attitude and perspective on life just since we have been there. The bishop is even amazed. We feel very lucky. We have been working with them very hard and the spirit has been anxiously working through us to make this happen. They were Married and then baptized on Saturday evening and they should be confirmed next week. They are amazing!

Michelle Clowney's Baptism 11/11/07


I am having thanksgiving dinner with a Wonderful family–the Bojoquez’s–they are recent converts. Probably the most solid and loving people you will ever meet that we have just fallen in love with! So that will be really nice. PLUS he is a chef! I love it. So somehow the Lord is taking care of us and has spoiled us with THREE BAPTISMS and a Great Thanksgiving Dinner!

Will you please send out the recipes for the Mountian Bars. We cook a lot of our own food. It saves us money and time. And its just a lot healthier too. We really try to take care of ourselves because with how hard and long we work we need to eat good and treat our bodies right or we’ll get sick and crash.

Please tell Carolee and Cheryl thank you for there Halloween packages. They were awesome. I have letters to them but havent’ had time to send them.

I’m sorry about your letters too… We have been working through our breaks and really hard on most off times trying to do all we can to pump this area up! I love it here! We are working so hard everyday and striving towards complete obedience because as you can tell when you work really hard and do all you can… The Lord really blesses you!

We are having much success and my testimony is growing stronger and stronger everyday! I love you.



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