November 5, 2007


Everything is going great. We are having a good time and working extremely hard but I love it! We have had some hard times with investigators but its OK.

I took some money out to buy boots last monday. We got them at a COSTCO like place called BJs. They were $50! which is a great deal. They are Timberland EuroHikers Black. The code on the box is 56011 if you want to look them up they are pretty cool.

Ok so here’s the deal with some of the investigators.
Today I’m writing you from Upper Darby. Then we are going to head into the city and see the sites and things. Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the whole deal so I am very excited! But the original plan was to bring some investigators down here so they could get a marriage lisc. and get married then get baptized! But this morning she didn’t want to go for some reason and we are down here by ourselves. SO there went TWO baptisms for this Sunday. The other investigator is doing great! She is ready to be baptized on Sunday and very excited. I am doing the baptism and I can’t wait. She wasn’t able to be baptized last Sunday because you have to come to church and she wan’t able to make it out. But she is ready and so am I! YAY FIRST BAPTISM!

Everything is going great. This is the last week of my first transfer and it has flown by. I think Elder Wolsey and I will be together next transfer as well. Which is good–we are doing great together. We are just working on singling out people to teach in this huge teaching pool that we have gotten some how. But we love it. And are very grateful for it.

My health is good. I’m staying strong.

I love you. Thank you for your letters.

PS–At the meeting this week I was only able to get the back pack so I think I can get the side bag next week from transfers. I hope. We will see. But thank you for sending them out they are much needed.
Its good to hear from you.

Tell Grandma I love her. And thanks for the notes.


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