November 5, 2007

Dad thank you for the notes you have been sending me I really love it and it really brings me closer to you.  I have always wanted to hear more and more about your mission. I don’t think I have heard many stories but things like you crashing your bike and stuff like that so I really appreciate  it.

This mission is something that has really started to change my life. My thinking and everything about me. I am taking it head on and I am falling in love with Missionary Work. President Hinckley was right when he said that the work which you are engaged in is the most important and most rewarding work on the face of this earth. I love it so much. I have learned to really dive into and love the scriptures more than ever. I think the way I study out here and all the things I learn are really going to help me grow into the kind of young man I need to be when I get home. I will be much more involved and determined to succeed in school, I am going to be able to STUDY! Things that I never grew in and picked up when I was at home are absolutely Essential on a mission. I hope that I get called to teach Mission Prep when I get home because Missionary work is SO COOL!

If you walked up to me when I was 16 and told me that I would be standing on a corner with my companion and praying in the middle of the Ghetto for where to go next and feel that you need to walk up the street and stop and you will find the person to talk to and he would be a infamous drug dealer who you are going to help to completely change his life, I would have thought you were nuts. I could never have done that and the important thing to know is that I still can’t do that. Only with the help of the Spirit walking right next to me everyday can I actually effect people and CHANGE THERE LIVES! I have some more awesome stories to tell you but so little time. I find people who have members of there family killed EVERY single day. and I know and THEY know that we have been sent there to help them. I love it.

About the drug dealer I was talking about above, he is progressing so fast and has an awesome testimony. He went from smoking 30 blunts and a pack of cigarrettes a day to ZERO! It is amazing!  Satan is working on him so hard though because of his past life. I love him to death though. He’s a great guy. Because of his past problems, we now know that there is probably no way we will ever baptize him, but I love him and will help him as much as I can but my job is to help people get to the Celestial Kingdom.

Tell everyone back at home that I love them and miss them. Tell all the Priests to get there butts on missions. They will never regret it. Especially if they get sent to Philadelphia-the hardest working mission in the United States! And it shows! I love it.

Elder Ballard told us that other missions in the country are stumped by the numbers that we put up. President Murray answered him that it IS because our missionaries work really really hard. Show me another mission who is willing to dedicate 5-9 hours a DAY strictly to finding people to teach and they will get the same numbers!

I love it. I’ve never worked so hard in my life and I have never felt the spirit stronger! Missionary work is awesome.

I love you. Thank you for your constant letters. I love the support. Time is flying like I can’t believe it . Mtc and one transfer Down. Only 14 more transfers to go.

I think I found the scripture I need on my plaque. It is….D:C 12:8.  I think I am not sure but I will send you a letter when I can check with my scriptures sitting next to me. It should have qualities in it and things.

OK dad I need to go but I love you. Please send more letters and keep the stories from your mission coming.

How is grandma? Will you keep me updated on her? Thank you. I’m worried about her.




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