Dear Stacy

Dear Stacy

How’s your new job going?  My new job is pretty good.  I have fallen in love with serving and helping people.  It’s awesome to see people change and actually keep commitments that you set.  I am no “counselor” or anything like that but we have helped tons of situations and we didn’t know why we were headed to that part of town or anything but when we got there we figured it out.  A man has gone from a gallon or more of alcohol every day to none overnight, and slowly cutting back from a pack of cigarettes to 6 now and an ounce of weed (about 30 joints) a day to 4 now.  Couples have called us at 12:30 in the morning because they were fighting and wanted us, two 20 year old boys, to come over right now.  We didn’t but the next day we did and prayed all day before as what to tell them.  When we walked out they had smiles on their faces and promised to keep commitments we left them.  It’s kinda overwhelming, but it’s not me.  There’s two parts to a person, the Spirit and the Body.  Before I came out I saw my body and mind dominating this couple, but now I am learning to keep my body out of the way and let my Spirit grow.  No natural man could ever be a good missionary!  It’s really cool to watch yourself change and to see growth that would never happen unless I was out here.


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