October 15, 2007

Hey DAD and MOM!

Sorry I wasn’t able to EMail last week cause it was Columbus day! The ward I am assigned to is the Pennypack ward. Its kinda crazy, there are three sets of missionaries there. I haven’t been sleeping very well because of the location of our apartment. Right next to the train and on a busy street with loud people always outside. I had to stay in a couple days ago. I got sick again like the MTC.

The work is going very good. We seem to always have people to teach and we have lined up two baptisms already. For the 4th and the 11th. I am very very excited. One lady we have been teaching asked ME last night if I would be the one to baptize her. It made me feel soo good!

The work is hard but thats expected. We tract from 10-3 then teach or tract some more from 5-9. So the long days are good but getting to my body. I work hard from 10-3 so I can enjoy teaching from 5-9 instead of tracting some more.

You have to love missionary work. There is nothing better. And I better get used to it. I am so glad to have my patriarchal blessing. Whenever I am down or need anything I just open it up and some how it really lifts my spirits. It’s not just one thing that sticks out but as a whole it is very comforting. I am really sad that I won’t be able to go to the temple for another two years. I miss it.



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