September 20, 2007

The latest information from Michael—-

Sept. 20, 2007

I am just over a week in the MTC. It is an amazing place. When we first got here we were wondering why everyone was smiling so much. Then, a couple days later, we were those people.

I have two great companions, Elders Wankier and Parkin and two amazing teachers that we love, Sister Schick and Brother Clement. The’re are awesome and we are happy to have class with them every day. The resources at the MTC are so great, they are just what we need. We have the TEC or Teacher Evaluation Center where we can teach to teachers and get feedback. The TRC or Teaching Resource Center, where as a companionship you sit down and teach investigators or people from the community who role play for us.. Also, the RC or Referral center which is just a big call center for us to do inbound and outbound calls. We are doing great as a District and we are loving it. We do a ton of studying and it has really helped a lot.. Thank you for all of your letters.

We just got back from the Temple. There have been lots of exciting things happening this week. I love Sunday Night Devotionals with all the missionaries.

I saw Austen another three or four times, but he left on Monday and don’t tell him, but he really missed out. Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke to us for our Tuesday Night Devotional. He was so good it was an honor to hear from him. He has just taken over the assignment as Apostle over the Press. He talked to us a lot about that and told us what he has struggled with and what he has learned these past 60 days. Before he left he invoked an apostolic blessing over us. One of the sisters has the blessing written down word for word and I”m going to get a copy.

How is everyone doing at home? I’m really excited for Justin going to the temple.


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